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About Us

At Kids Martial Arts Academy, we strive to foster a positive, supportive and motivating environment for children to discover who they are and bring out a better version of themselves.

Our classes are designed to give your child the physical benefits of martial arts whilst teaching them valuable life skills which will help them make better choices in life.

Why I started the school

My name is Dilshan Uduman and my main inspiration for starting our school has been my son. Since his birth, I’ve been driven to become the best father possible, so that I can love, teach and support him to become the best he can be. Fortunately for me, my passion for martial arts had been leading me down a path of self-discovery and self-realisation, which, although at the beginning unknown to me, was going to become invaluable life lessons.

In realising the importance of a well-rounded martial arts program that encompasses character development with the physical training, I found myself wanting to help other children, just as I was trying to help my son and as my coach did for me. 

When you enrol your child in our program, we form a partnership to work together, to give them a safe haven, where they can learn, make mistakes, self correct and strive to bring out a better version of themselves.

Our Mission

Helping kids have a better tomorrow through the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual lessons learned from martial arts training.

At Kids Martial Arts Academy, we strive for your child to become self-sufficient and learn to make healthy choices in life.

Young girl excited for Karate class

Our Core Values

In Martial Arts, teaching core values is as important as teaching technical skills. Kids Martial Arts Academy operates on the foundation of the following core values.

  • FOCUS to keep what's important at the forefront of your mind
  • RESPECT for one's self and others
  • SELF DISCIPLINE to do what's important, even though you may not feel like it
  • INTEGRITY to do what is right

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