Lil' Ninja Program

Karate Class for Preschool kids.

Our Lil’ Ninja Karate program is all about focus, fitness and fun. 

This 30 minute class is designed for children aged 4 to 6 years old. We aim to help your child learn to focus, build self-confidence and have good manners. Classes each week will cover a new theme with fundamental movements of karate, basic self defence techniques and game-like fun activity. 

Benefits of the Lil’ Ninja Karate program:

  • Learn focus for better listening and to follow instructions
  • Work with other children and develop social skills
  • Have respect for themselves, other people and show good manners
  • Learn discipline and build self confidence
  • Improve their fitness, balance, coordination and have FUN!
Children will also learn the importance of looking after their body, being aware of strangers and safety tips. The Lil’ Ninja classes are a great way for your child to burn-off some of that energy, make new friends, have fun and learn life skills through game-like activity.
We are ready to help set your child up for a successful life with a program that gives them more than just the physical attributes of martial arts. 
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