What Parents Have Said

My two sons have been learning martial arts since they were each 3 years old. They are now 13 and 16 years old and I attribute their martial arts training for their positive attitudes, self-discipline, focus and perseverance – traits that are encouraged and taught alongside the physical self-defence techniques.

Of all the coaches my sons have had over the last 13 years, Sensei Dilshan has had the most impact. His integrity and respect are obvious in the way he instructs his students, inspiring them to want to do their best – not only on the mat, but in their school life and home life.​

2 boys in Karate uniform
Dilshan taught my daughter Martial Arts for 2 years and it was amazing to see how much she thrived in his guidance during this time. She learnt not only about self defence, but also discipline, integrity, respect and resilience.

Dilshan has certainly been an incredible positive influence to my daughter as he always managed to push all kids in his class to achieve their best through his real love for teaching. A truly extraordinary talented natural coach. Thank you for everything.

Girl in Karate Uniform
Stefania & Damian
Sensei Dilshan has been teaching my 11 year-old son Jujitsu for the last 15 months or so. In that time Sensei has guided him through two successful gradings to achieve his white and orange belt, of which we are all very proud. My son has a great deal of respect for Sensei Dilshan as a teacher, as a master of the art and as an athlete.

Sensei Dilshan knows how to relate to children, and is very considerate to the shy and small. He also knows when to be firm, and doesn't let the odd disruptive or distracted child spoil things for the others. I would highly recommend Sensei Dilshan as a teacher for all ages. I wish him the very best with his own dojo.

Dilshan is passionate about teaching Martial Arts.  He is wonderful with kids of all ages.  He provides kids with self confidence, discipline and ensures that they enjoy learning different techniques.  He is enthusiastic and has a very wide knowledge of Martial Arts and the way that he teaches his students is impressive and great to watch.
Thank you Dilshan for your efforts with our son.
Abhi & Neha
Sensei Dilshan taught martial arts lessons to our two boys aged 4 and 6 for over 18 months. Our kids absolutely loved going to Sensei Dilshan’s classes! Dilshan taught our boys many essential life skills including cooperation, focus, respect, discipline, and self-defence techniques in a fun and engaging way. Dilshan was able to develop a strong rapport with his students and their parents, and always ensured he gave each student his care and attention during class. We would thoroughly recommend Dilshan to any family considering martial arts instruction for their kids.
When we first commenced Martial Arts it was to give our sons Leith (6) and Hayden (4) an energetic physical avenue to express themselves but what we discovered was so much more than what we had envisaged with our extraordinary instructor Sensei Dilshan.

We have had the utmost pleasure to trust in Dilshan for 2 years and to see our boys blossom not only in technical skill work but confidence and focus and it is for this reason we followed Dilshan to his classes all around Brisbane!

What stood out for me as a parent was the gentle manner he treats the children, the words he chooses to use and the messages of confidence, assertion and vigilance with personal safety and bullying he delivers through his classes. His sincerity, authenticity and attention to detail to ensure every child is acknowledged and mutual respect for student and teacher is rare to find. We couldn’t speak highly enough of our children’s experience and we are blessed to have such a wonderful role model for our children to learn from.
Angie & Jason
“I like Dilshan because he teaches us little secrets that make our martial arts techniques better.” - Hanna.

“He is amazing and he helps everybody be their best.” - Sarah.

“He is always smiling and encouraging, and makes classes fun and sometimes you forget that you are actually learning.” - Maya.

“He is patient and brings the best out of his students both
young and old.” - Dan.

“His approach to teaching is that he hopes the kids will never need to use a self defence technique in their lives but they will need to use character traits like integrity, perseverance and discipline, every day.” - Parent of children.

The Family
My son, Lachlan, has been so fortunate to have Dilshan Uduman as his sensei for the past 18 months +. During one-on-one coaching with Dilshan, Lach's skill level and understanding of jujitsu and kickboxing went from strength to strength. Dilshan's level of martial arts skill and knowledge is incredible and Lach was fortunate enough to benefit from that, as well as enjoy Dilshan's super high energy and great sense of humour.

There has not been a time that Lach didn't want to go to lessons (twice a week) and Dilshan has helped to create a passion for marital arts that I know Lach will continue for years to come.

In Lach's own words, "He's a great sensei with an even better sense of humour".

As a parent of a child who has had significant health challenges and vision impairment, I am incredibly grateful to Dilshan for the positive impact he has had on Lachlan's life. His level of energy, positivity, knowledge, skill, patience and kindness has been consistent every single time and I always had every faith that Lach was in the safest of hands.

My 6 years old son attended MAQLD Little Warriors and trained under the supervision of Sensei Dilshan Uduman for over ten months. Very quickly, we started to see clear improvement in my son’s self-confidence, discipline and understanding of martial arts foundation. He loved attending this particular weekly class. Sensei Dilshan’s ability as instructor is fantastic – he made each class not only a fun experience for students but was also able to teach them techniques and important safety principles without scaring them. I will never forget his class on "Wear red for Daniel" day. 

His way of connecting with my son who is an introvert by nature, was impressive. From a parent’s perspective, I observed that he was incredibly patient with children, regardless of their personalities or attention span. As an instructor, Sensei Dilshan is very knowledgeable, motivating & welcoming.

As a person, he is compassionate, courteous and very professional. He communicates very well with children and adults. We were dismayed to see him leaving. Every student or groups working with Sensei Dilshan will benefit from his exceptional combination of expertise, interpersonal communication and teaching skills. 


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