Teen Warrior Program

Teenage girls of different belt colours in Karate class - Kids Martial Arts Academy

The Teen Warrior Karate program is a 45 minute class designed for high school aged students – 13 years and above. This program fosters a positive, supportive and challenging environment where students build self-confidence, exceed their fitness and martial arts ability, all while they build friendships and have fun.

As young adults, students learn to set and achieve goals that help them progress through the ranks towards becoming a black belt and role-model to the younger children in the academy.

Benefits of the Teen Warrior program:

  • Learn to take responsibility and become self-reliant
  • Develop healthy habits for the mind, body and spirit
  • Build self-confidence and a positive self-image
  • An outlet for stress relief while having fun and building friendships
  • Personal safety and effective self defence skills

Age appropriate life lessons in building a healthy self-image, alcohol and drug awareness and  social media safety are also addressed. We encourage and inspire your teenager to take responsibility to manage their emotions, develop a positive attitude and work ethic, create healthy habits and strive for continuous improvement. 

Take the first step to setting your teenager up for a successful future by booking a free trial class.

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